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Insurers & Assessors

Total Control of your Claims

  • Full Claims Management System from start to finish.
  • Reduce your external claims management cost.
  • An already proven system by major Insurers.
  • Free and simple to use.
  • Total control of your claims with up to date information for your policy holders at the touch of a button.

NCIS Benefits

  • Shorter claims timeframe – turn around claims in less than a week
  • Improved communications between Insurers & Assessors
  • Effective case tracking of outsourced claim
  • Access to highly experienced assessors resulting in cost savings throughout the application in every claim
  • NCC Member
  • A secure, web – based portal
  • Free and simple to use
  • Produces essential documents automatically
  • All relevant documents stored in one place
  • Prompts assessors to complete claims
  • Gives decision making & control back to the insurer whilst not hindering the claims process
  • Compliments current back-office systems used by the insurer and its agents
  • Can be tailored to insurer’s bespoke processes

How do Pulse Benefit

Benefits to the Insurer