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PULSE RECOVERY SERVIVCES LTD is a family owned, professional caravan salvage business, employing several members of staff with expertise in all fields are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its clients in the caravanning industry.
In a world where some things are still paper driven, PULSE developed a way to reduce claim lead time by 40% leading to increased benefits to insurers and an even bigger increase on customers re-insuring with the same company.
Through its own automated management system, NCIS, the company found a way to revolutionize the way claims are both handled and settled providing the customer with a quick, impeccable service from start to finish.
This innovative system allows the insurer, assessor and pulse as the recovery agent to see all lines of communication as the claim unfolds to it’s conclusion, thus minimising paperwork, loss of communication and providing a clear and precise record.
PULSE thrive on being able to deliver a fast track service that is second to none, reducing storage costs and collection times whilst improving efficiency which guarantees is a bonifide success.
Such as the company’s popularity and growth in recent times, not only have PULSE seen their scope increase into Europe, it has also expanded into Static Caravan/Mobile Home transportation with a clear and precise plan of action from the initial booking and assessment of the sites to the delivery of your home to its required destination.
The company prides itself on a clear, concise and smooth deliverance on all of its services to each and everyone of its clients and no matter how big or small the job is, you know you are in safe hands with PULSE RECOVERY SERVICES LTD. PULSE RECOVERY SERVICES LTD are registered with the environment agency, fully compliant on all regulations, members of the BVSF and are recovery agents for Spain, France and Switzerland. We offer: